Thursday, 31 March 2011

Tickets booked i'm off to Praha!!!

Hello to all on this somewhat sunny day, i have booked my flights and me and my lovely friend Zuza are off for  a mini adventure to Prague in June!!!
I cannot wait, it's sucha beautiful city, i went once for my birthday when i was 12/13 and don't think i fully appreciated it, that and it was bloody cold in February!
I thought i would just share that with you all, thank you agin to the followers and the new ones too!

If your are lovely and Czech, please tell me where to shop! Also useful czech phrases would be great, as i only know Ahoj, jak se máte and děkuji!


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Child of the Jago

Fantastic menswear at London Fashion week, i know it's long gone, but i am still amazed at the treasures i find, creeping out from the dark depths on London.

A child of the Jago shows your classic suits and knitwear attire, but reworked into a fresh new way, i love the fusion with a bit of tartan, a la Vivienne Westwood.

The models are fantastic, like a scene from jack the ripper! and to think they lurk in dark allyways, the one with the beard is divine, (though i thinks thats just me).

Monday, 28 March 2011

Alexis Mabille

Bonjour! i am back from the epic 1 day adventure to Paris and then another trip to the lovely London Town, i will have the post up shortly, but here is some food for your eyes!

Flirty below-knee-length skirts and easy belted wrap coats were the key pieces in this collection. Working with 70s square-cut empire-line tunic dresses and square-cut tops over poloneck knits and wide flared pant shapes.
 Floor-sweeping wrapped skirts and kaftan-style after-six dresses.
Mabille’s subtle 70s ethnic influences came into play with the multitude of tiny covered buttons that traced neat-fit knits and kimono wrap coats, or in the paisley prints and flaying tasselled belts that tethered his easy silhouettes.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Look what i got!!

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! it's a bright  and sunny day in England and what a great way to start it by finding that i recieved this lovely award from the equally lovely if not more so Jos from, great blog which you should all have a peep at!


1) link 10 blogs;

2) tell these bloggers about the award;

3) write 10 facts about yourself

I will start about myself, it's a bit vein but i just won an award!!

1. I love The Netherlands! I am half Dutch and love the place where i lived, wish we never moved away! the food (Bitterballen, frikandellan, chocolade vlokken) the people (Mijn Oma) the cycling and the beautiful scenery!

2. Fashion, obviously i am a design student, and boyswear designer, designing for large high street stores and supermarkets in the UK

3. Museums, i love all museums art, history, nature, i could and have done on several occasions been sat in a museum for hours and asked to leave!

4.Knitting, i am an old lady, i just love knitting, i'm not that good but i engoy it and can make a bloody good scarf!

5. Music, always a love of mine, from M.I.A, Lykke Li, Santagold to Incubus, Slipknot and far out ther Christina Aguilera, i love all music and cannot be limited to one genre.

6. Travelling, my favourite past time to explore new cities and cultures, i'm to pale for the seaside, so cities do me just fine, i am off to Paris, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Warsaw this year and love an adventure.

7. Tattoos, i have 3 and always open to expanding, it really is addictive, the thrill of the pain and i do enjoy designing mine so they are unique to me.

8. Toy Cameras, Lomography and the plastic cameras that create beautiful photos, creating nostalgia and proving i am old woman as i don't let th digital age affect me, and  i love my poloroid!

9. My friends, always important and i hope i am a good friend, living in England it's so diverse that i have friends from all over and love that they teach me knew things, if you have not noticed my basic Polish, Czech, French and German etc....

10. Shopping, like all people i do enjoy a good shop, don't think to cross me as i will take you down, it should be a sport because i'm bloody good at it, and something i do everyday, exept bank holidays where they close the shops on purpose, losing valuable shopping time!!

Reading back i am a strange one, part old woman, part child :)

Anyway the  blogs i'm giving to award to are:

Well done! have a great day!!


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

je m'appelle Fabiénne

Hello to you all, hope everyone is good and proper today?!

I am off on ANOTHER adventure to Paris this Saturday!!
Cannot wait the excitement is boiling over into hysteria! i have not been there for a few years, but i am taking my lovely friend Basia, she complains that she lives in England and doesn't go anywhere, except a few trips back to Poland; so i am whisking her away for a magical adventure (not the Disney kind) the one where admire the beautiful city and the men! (As seen below)

(Beautiful French man, Gaspard Ulliel)

I do find the men so handsome it actually hurts! The the bright side 21 years ago, my parents called me Fabiénne, meaning Bean Grower (thanks mum and dad) therefore when asked they can actually pronounce my name! and like a child i do tend to buy everything with my name on as i can't any where else.

So enough of my rambling, here are some nice photos to look at!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Comme Des Garcons Womenswear AW11/12

Good day to you!

it is the usual drizzle in merry old England, swamped by the girlwear im designing for a well known British Retailer, but thought i shall share a bit of Comme des Garcons to lighten the mood!

I love this collection and the ever appealing use of black, a favourite tone of mine, can't say i'm keen on getting the nips out, come on ladies, have you seen the weather, they are going to be rock hard! Being arrested for indecent exposure isn't the way forward!

What do you think????

And the Winners are.........

Good morning! First of all, I would like to thank everyone for entering and all the lovely comments and followers to my little old blog.

The first giveaway! The winner of the Scarf is
Congratulations to you and i will email you!

The winner of the Tee is
Congratulations to you and i will email you!

Scarf Winner!
tee winner!


Monday, 14 March 2011

My Weekend in Manchester

Good day to you all, hope you are all well!?

This weekend was a busy one, after a dull drive up to Milton Keynes to catch a train to Manchester for a messy weekend of drinking and more drinking! well, after all it is £1 a pint.

After a quick browse around Afflecks palace and the northern quarter i was off to watch the football in Deansgate, before a mini pub crawl.

The rules off the game were to have a half pint in old pubs, so no glass for walls or bars; and must smell of old men! Plus a different lager/ beer at every stop.

I drank a stupid amount = Staropramen, Red stripe, Crystal, Stella, Carling, Budweiser Budvar, Becks, Krombacher, Amstel and Estrella, not to mention some smirnoff ice's on top of that!
Not bad as i am only 1.52m :)

Friday, 11 March 2011

Valentin Yudashkin AW 11/12

Valentin Yudashkin, Paris fashion Week, I don't have to say much, amazing.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Christopher Raeburn Mens AW 11/12

Christopher Raeburn's collection at London Fashion Week is Divine!! beautifully crafted coats and minimalist styling, i love the outlined detailing as if they are puzzle pieces being joined together.

Not to keen on the gold ensemble but the workman's boots go well with the skinny jeans, i kind of looks like a new age punk has been caught in the rain!

I absolutely adore the boy in the bowl hair cut!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Bruxelles/Brussel Pt.2

At last!!! i have finally got around to posting the remaining photos!
Apologies for my lateness i have been running backwards instead of forwards!!

After a long first day, the next morning consisted of finding waffles!! A stroll down the Dansaert to look and beautifully crafted creations, all of which i could never own, the stunning windows of Kat en Muis, Marianne Tiperman, Mia Zia, Annemie Verbeke, Dries Van Noten and Stijl, i went into one and could tell buy the look on the assistants face, she knew i was a poor soul but allowed me to absorb the stunning clothes to memory.

A little light shopping in H&M, it's not fair that you get such nice stuff they don't put in the UK stores!! as well as Hema, Zara, and Sixx, before returning to the Grand Place and finding my waffle! which i put way too much chocolate on but it was great!

Then back off on Eurostar with bags filled with chocolate and jewellery and souvenirs!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Brussel/ Bruxelles Pt 1

My brussels trip is over and i am sad, it was such a beautiful city and the people are lovely, there were some good looking Belgian boys; especially at the Cheese cake cafè on Place de Brouckère!!
i was a bit ill but managed to shop and eat waffles! amazing this thing called multi-tasking!

Going through the beautiful winding cobbled streets (which made me trip up all the time) at the lovely buildings then stopping at In't Spinnekopke Place du Jardin aux Fleurs 1 for a cheeky pint!

After i strolled to the Mannekin Pis Statue to see what all the fuss was about, really people no one wants to see little boys (or grown ones) pissing, although i did find it very amusing and peoples expresions were to die for, the look or horror on some! what great humor the belgians have and i admire them for it!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Elbow length sleeves

Bonjour! i am back from Brussels! had a super time and hope to get all photos up and about in a few days as i have been a bit ill of last :(
so here is a brief post........enjoy

A mini trend is appearing, elbow length sleeves, i am a fan as i have stupid fat arms  and this will cover it!
i love the use of metallics and leather as part of the garments and the jacket looks stellar!