Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Jantine van Peski studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute before attending the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, where she graduated in 2011 from a master (MA) degree with ‘WIRES 10.0’ collection. Her work focuses on silhouette and craftsmanship, with great attention to materials and techniques used.
Jantine’s was strongly influenced by the textile sculptures from the 1970’s and specifically the macramé-technique. 
That was the starting point to construct pieces of clothing out of cord and yarn, straight from the body and using only one type of knot.

Sunday, 25 December 2011



Cooler Weather Brings Haute Fashion: That’s How The Saying Goes Right?

Edited by: Jessie Thorpe of Denimology
Cooler weather has made it’s way in and it leaves me feeling a definitive need to dress up lavishly. Some girls have been frocked fancifully for the entire month of Dressember. I think it’s important to make the effort to look extra stylish in the Winter months.  I’ve been decorating myself glamorously in festive jewel tones: emerald, crystal, ruby with gold making and appearance every now and again also. My wardrobe has definitely become darker as I use lots of navy and black basics letting my accessories do the talking.


Thanks for picking me! sorry it was late!

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Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

_DIY The shirt collar necklace

Hello, hope all is well.

So here is another DIY, hope you liked the last one!
This collar necklace, you can use any simple outfit a bit of revitalization. Trim the collar off an oldshirt and sew a few chains here. You can actually use as an ornament, but i think the possibilities are endless.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

_DIY Gold leaf Jewellery


_So in time for christmas i wanted to share some joy and some gold!
Some gold leaf jewellery for the festive season which costs you pennies!!
Looks amazing and is pretty fun and can be used for many things!!

During fashion week, we saw many designers already passing: the use of gold as a fashion accessory. Actually very fun and an inexpensive way todo more creative in the days to come. This clearly shows that with a little effort you can put together your gold jewellry in no time!

Find out what you need under here

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

_Negotiated Project

I am starting my final project of my degree and i am completely stuck,
I am going with a Fishing theme and need to develop further.
It is based on a book i found called "knitting from The Netherlands"
with old Dutch men fishing and i know is stereotypical but they are actually wearing clogs!
so wish is was more acceptable to wear them out and about!

Anyway here is my Ideas board
see what you think.

Thanks again for all the comments!
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Monday, 5 December 2011

_Lightbulbs & Bicycles

I am returning to The Netherlands!!!
I am off just after new year to see my Oma and family!
Cant wait!
I am going to Eindhoven, Winterswijk, Arnhem and Aalten!!
If anyone kows of any good design exhibitions or museums i should visit, let me know!!

Anyway i'm in a good mood and going to share some lovely photos from the Netherlands!!

Friday, 2 December 2011

_Valentina Poletti

_Currently based in Berlin, Valentina Poletti send us her final project to review and we were thoroughly consumed by her concept and execution.
 Besides the conceptual garments and photos she has collaborated with Carolina Amoretti to make a amazing video bringing together different environments that reflect the concepts of each look.

“My collection shows the two personalities of the same outfit, one a hostile and complex geometrical city representing urbanization and static routine and the other in a natural and free landscape which represents escapism.”


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Collectie Kant en Klaar_By Borre

A beautiful video of his first collection _ Ready Made.

Collection from robertanderson on Vimeo.

Borre Akkersdijk (By Borre) is a 25 years old Paris based freelance designer. The Design Academy of Eindhoven had his first Paris fashion show: the First cycle last month– the story from the yarn to the show. A beautiful and interesting collection with oversize knitted coats and dresses as well as duffle dresses. This appeals to me as i am a massive knitting lover and knit all the time.
The video is beautiful so please have a look!

I do love this boy a lot! I don't know why??

_More Under here.......

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

_The Antwerp Series

More photos of some Antwerp madness, had a brilliant
Time, all the people are fantastic! 
I did go in September and know this is late, but had such a great time i have to share it with you all!

Forever21 the new amazing, shiny big store had just opened, 
and has ruined my bank account, but was worth

 Me and my friend Kasia went off to explore and came across this amazing restaurant outside the Justice Paleis, and the lovely lady who worked there was so kind, helping us and telling us all about this wonderful city!
My new favourite beer!
Mijn nieuwe favoriete bier!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

_Time to Pretend

Fall into your minds imagination,
let yourself be carried away.

Let the ideas flow__

Monday, 7 November 2011


sorry I've been M.I.A lately, loads of work during my final year at university, and my Fashion course is taking up most of my time, so I'm quickly posting between drawing and pattern cutting..........

Céline draws in crowds to see their show, yet still manage to maintain their poise and elegance. Since Phoebe Philo took over the helm two years ago, Céline has pretty much become the go-to line for stunning cuts and sleek perfection. A woman’s design for the woman wearer.

Phoebe gets simpler and softer, delivering a refreshing, palette-cleansing collection, a detox of all the colour bursting out there. “No, there’s nothing particular this season,” says the designer, when asked about her inspiration. “It’s just very sculptural, very three-dimensional. We accentuated the bits that felt strong to accentuate, tried to create some new proportions.”

Perfectly said.

Will get back to all of you....
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Thursday, 27 October 2011


Gorgeous prints and silhouettes from Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko,
taking inspirtation from 1950's Soviet Vogue.
Creating timeless pieces and made in beautiful fabrics to show off the body in all it's glory.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Caterina Ciuffoletti - Getoutofyourskin

Beautiful designer i have come across this morning, with a anatomic dress
to die for!
This silk organza dress sets the archetypal of GETOUTOFYOURSKIN. 16 layers of organza cut to follow silhouettes of rib cages are draped on the body creating a subtle game of shapes and contrasts.
 The idea is to build trinity into anatomy; the three-ribcage silhouettes are placed on the body and draped to give a sense of dynamic power and frail appearance at the same time.

Beautifully crafted pieces, with a delicate feel yet strong sense of structure that flows between layers of organza.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

National Geographic Influences Fashion

National Geographic style has immersed itself into fashion and 
filtered it's way into all over graphic prints in many designer's collections, as
well as textural layers and contrasting surfaces.
Gorgeous colours flow together creating strong prints which draw the eye in, leaving you mesmerized.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mon âme a son secret......


Another explosion of colour for the mind, more imagery of Walter Van Beirendonck's exquisite 
exhibition at the MoMu in Antwerp
Apologies the photos are a bit blurred, the mannequin's are rotating as you look at them!


Monday, 26 September 2011

De toekomst is in het verleden ........

Walter Van Beirendonck

Part of the Antwerp six
Creates clothes i can only describe as off the wall into another dimension.
When i walked into the exhibition in the MoMu, i was stunned, the burst of colour and the excentricity.

Don't get me wrong, his clothes are visual masterpieces, that create emotion and make you want to gaze at the in wonder.
But he is a nutter.