Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Prague PT2

I know more words, i just can't spell them.

This is the second part of my Praha adventure, such a beautiful city and i had so much fun.
I added another Czech me out Tee to my growing collection, and me and the lovely Zuza also went off the the Pražský hrad, which last time i didn't get to visit, because it was February and really cold.

There is actually so much to see, i need more eyes.
I did eat something delicious, it was potatoes baked with egg and bacon, if you know what this is please let me know, it was amazing!

Urquell boat!!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Blogger Spotlight: Thea Unknown

Good Morning,
The lovely Thea from Thea is unknown has posted about me, so I'm returning the favour and want you all to have a
look at her sweet blog, Thea is unknown

This lovely lady, brings to light hidden gems, that are wonderful bloggers, having recently made a post on me, (which i thank her for x)
She posts on thoose whith individual style and on her own personal style.
This emphasis on other bloggers and getting them noticed, i feel she should
be recognised, and also to open you all up to some lovely blogs.


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Prague PT 1

Right i have actually stopped being lazy, as have some photo's to share.
The beautiful Prague that i went to just a few weeks
ago. Probably the most stunning city i have ever seen,
literally every building is pretty, I'm very jealous.

The people were lovely, as all Czechs are! Food was delicious, dumplings are now my new favourite food
along with Tatranky, but not together.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Band around me

An emerging trend within in fashion is the use of banding,
with the usual large block bands seen on suits, the use of thin stripes, evolving into wide bands and a drop waist breaking the dress up and creating interest.
I am loving the new update on the wide horizontal bands over floral prints to make it contrast;
my favourite being the Jill Stuart pre-summer 2012

What do you think?

                                                                      Narcisco Rodriguez

                                                                  Narcisco Rodriguez  
Karen Walker

Wonderland Image

Jill Stuart

Richard Nicoll

Thanks again for all the comments and i promise i will put up photos soon of my trip!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Few Minutes Please

Good Morning!

I have been off on an adventure so i haven't been around for a while
The Lovely Antonia-Ivana gave me the Luxury Blogger award
so thank you to her!

I have to tell you:
Who awarded me the award
7 Random Things about me
Award 15 Blogs
Let those Bloggers know :)

So please have a peep at them and do enjoy!!

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  1. I don't like peacocks
  2. I love toy camera photography
  3. I now want to live in Prague!!
  4. I like Zubrowka
  5. I want to be a bed tester, so i can sleep for a living
  6. I have a new love of Tatranky (if your Czech you will know what this is)
  7. I have an addiction to bags

Friday, 10 June 2011

Back to Black

I am back from my trip!!!

there is so much to tell you all, but very little time as i now have to go back to work
The beautiful Prague was hot with thunder storms, whilst 
Bratislava was even hotter and 
so was Budapest but it was slightly cooler
but all lovely places!

so I'll leave you with a this, a advert/ film being filmed in Prague
with lights and camera crew and everyone dressed if it is a premiere!
I am not really sure where i was but the building looks like bubble wrap.

thanks for all the comments, i will defiantly get back to all of you!