Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I am off to Prague again! it has been a year and i have missed the city!

It's a flying visit of 2 days but im sure i can do enough shopping, drink as much pilsner as
my body can take and eat 100 tatranky's!!

I wish all of you a good weekend!

Friday, 15 June 2012

_I need to get back to the sea.

I have been quite neglectful lately, i have been super busy doing my degree, which after 4 years is now over!!!
I got you some treats for the eyes.......
My final project was on Industrial Fishing and fishing in The Netherlands.
I flew out to Amsterdam for my Look Book photoshoot, i arrived on Queensday, so had a stellar time, and some free beer, walking around Amsterdam with a sea of orange people!

The next day i headed off to Rotterdam and went to a lovely place called Veerhavan.

I had a super amazing photographer Landa Penders who was so organised and so much fun to work with!
I must also mention my beautiful model Hennie Evers and makeup & hair Evelien Van Der Ham.

Here are a few photos, i'll post up more soon!