Friday, 20 May 2011

Separate with comma

Good day
Two little package has arrives for me in the post!!
Been a bit busy of late, have lots of designing to do, Ladieswear and Kidswear, rearranging the showrooms, searching for Mr. Men T-shirts, whilst organizing the last of my holiday.
 First from Illamasqua, some very pale foundation as i'm so pale i can't get any with looking yellow!
I also got a gorgeous matte sherry red lipstick, which makes me look even paler, i'm the opposite i prefer the paler then better, i am not one for the Sun.

My Skeleton Bone ring with the jewelled tip, i would love one for every finger but think it's a bit to creepy.
I actually love it, i wanted a ring that would fit my little fingers and be the right length!!

Cheers again for all comments and to the followers, be sure to enter the giveaway!!


  1. Hee!
    I have chosen you for the creative blogger award, just look back on my blog to see what it means! xx

  2. Je ring is appart (see that i can comment in dutch! hehe) maar wel heel tof!

  3. Love it!! Let´s follow each other

  4. Hey darlin'..
    Really like your blog! Lots of nice pictures and god inspiration.. Wanna be followers? Let me know!

    Love from Stockholm :)


  5. Your blog is very,very nice :)
    Bardzo mi sie podoba :)
    Miłego dnia!

  6. Love the nail polish! I love what you said about being pale! I'm really fair myself and everyone asks why I don't layout a bit. No skin cancer for me! I prefer to look young rather than tan.

  7. the ring looks very unique in a good way! :D

    Haru x

  8. The bone ring is so great. I'd like to see the Illamasqua foundation applied because I'm still searching for a very light foundation. Pale skin is more beautiful than tanned in my opinion. But of course it depends on the person.

  9. woww lovely ring :))


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