Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Few Minutes Please

Good Morning!

I have been off on an adventure so i haven't been around for a while
The Lovely Antonia-Ivana gave me the Luxury Blogger award
so thank you to her!

I have to tell you:
Who awarded me the award
7 Random Things about me
Award 15 Blogs
Let those Bloggers know :)

So please have a peep at them and do enjoy!!

Antonia-Ivana        Timea Timbo          Polienne              Thelittleblacklist

          Romans 12:2           Thepicnicwithzebra        Tea for two           Thepinkmargarita

Denizsaatcioglu          Fashion-sienna        My lyfe my story        Simplebutreal

  1. I don't like peacocks
  2. I love toy camera photography
  3. I now want to live in Prague!!
  4. I like Zubrowka
  5. I want to be a bed tester, so i can sleep for a living
  6. I have a new love of Tatranky (if your Czech you will know what this is)
  7. I have an addiction to bags


  1. thanks for your reply dear,so kind of you :) nice post.

  2. Hello dear!!!
    Thanks for the reward, i really appreciate it!
    Btw: i love Tatranky too, but here in Slovakia we call it Horalky :)


  3. Congrats and thank you so much for passing it down to me =)

  4. Congratulations on the award! :) I'm obsessed with bags, too.

    sorelle in style

  5. Zubrowka :D mmmm :D cool :D xoxo

  6. Thanks so so much :) Awesome.

  7. thank you soooo much dear <3 :)))

  8. love #5 so funny and cool =)


  9. :) You're a gem, thank you so much for placing my humble little blog in this list.


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