Friday, 12 June 2015

_Details of Couture

Hi Everybody!!

Back again and i intend to stay!
So much has gone on so expect a back log of posts, fashion and travel related, if you haven't seen already
i love a holiday!!!

Here i thought we can have a quick look and some of the detailing in Couture Garments and the pure skill involved
in the making of these garments that makes us
all quiver!!

I am glad to be back!!

Elie Saab - Beautiful as always

Armani Prive


Serkan Cura - New designer to me, and will probably give a little post on it soon!!


Guys, i hope you enjoyed; when studying fashion we used to have to take trips to London,go into Department stores (Selfridges, Harrods etc) and view the clothing, how it's made and the seams, zips and any detailing that could help and make us progress as designers.

I now can't go shopping without checking how a garment is all put together!!



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