Saturday, 3 October 2015

_Latvija,Deutschland & Suisse

Evening all!! 

I am to tell you all about my upcoming adventures into the depths of Europe!
I will be off to the wonderful Germany which i have visited many times,
and my first time off to Switzerland and to the charming Latvia!!

Looking at this photo they contrast yet all somehow blend well together.

so im giving you a bit of inspiration and courage, i booked the cheapest flight and off i go
to these fun and exciting places!!

You should try it, though skyscanner is addictive!!!

little bit of European imagery to get you in the
mood for adventure!!!
Plus some travel dreams tonight!!


An update in the coming weeks of these adventures, starting with Latvia!!

feel free to tell me your adventures to, i love the inspiration!


Thank you for leaving your thoughts! i will try and get back to all of you!!
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