Sunday, 9 January 2011

Knitting like the old lady i am

lately i have started my knitting again, i feel as though i'm turning into an old lady but i do like to knit, i can do it perfectly but i can do a scarf and basic knit stitch as well as the english purl stitch.
The only problem is that no where seams to sell good wool anymore, especially where i live, then i found hobbycraft!! and the joy of the knit came alive, i love that craft centre so much, i spent almost an hour in the wool section!!! so much to choose from and when i got home i was away with the needles!

here is how it's going so far, the order of stripes is just spontaneous as i don't like to conform or have routine! bear in mind i started this a week and a half ago!

what do you think?



  1. that is great! i used to knit too but i wasnt very goot at it:D

  2. cool blog! i like the mood of your blog.
    i followed(: do you want to follow mine?

    X zoé - -


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