Thursday, 20 January 2011


Today is going quite well, i have finished my uni report in time, but as one thing goes right another goes wrong! do you know what i mean?
For starters my samples came back from Bangladesh on time which was good, the samples howwever were not good.
Then as i amend the samples, the warhouse decided to shut so cannot send them off to my buyer on time!

I'm now working on ladies sleepwear again for BHS which should be out this winter!!
oh and we have been told that we are to do a new celebrity endorsement for a well known British store, but thats all i can say, which is exciting as i get to work on it!!

Anyway today i felt a bit more creative in my outfit, an found my old vintage tweed jacket which was like £10 from COW in Manchester! so i thought i'd wear it abit; if you ever visit England i do recommend going to Manchester, it's like London but smaller and easier to get around, and they have like two of every shop!
Topshop got so big, they had to move Topman to a different site! It also has an amazing Selfridges and Harvey Nichols next to each other!!! Brilliant for Vintage as well, especially in the Northern Quarter!!

Necklace - Asos
Jacket - COW
Dress & Bag - H&M
Shoes & Leggings - Topshop


  1. Love the jacket!!

    May x

  2. oooh love that jacket lady!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

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  4. Sounds exciting!

    Gorgeous shoes and lovely jacket.

    Thanks for commenting and visiting our blog.

    You have a great blog. We are now following you. Maybe you'll follow us too? :)


    Linton From London xx


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