Monday, 17 January 2011

The weekend of weekends!

After lots of nights out this weekend, going back to Essex for a few pints with the lovely Basia before heading off to London Town to visit some more friends is All Saints and then had to rough it over in South Kensington :)

Do you know when you have a weekend, but it goes so fast your like, where di the days, minutes and seconds go?

Felt a bit spoilt actually as i got some belated Christmas (mostly Polish) presents and a Snog (frozen yoghurt), unusual combination but it works for me.

            My lovely Polski Piwo jug from Basia!!! and some Vodka from Ewelina!!

       Special Purchase of Marc Jacobs, a peark of also working in an airport, i get Duty free whenever i      want!!!

           Some mittens from Accessorize as a belated Christmas present!!
 Socks from Lucy for Christmas!!
 Lovely Jip & Janneke make up bag from HEMA, Aalten - Holland
I don't really know what this is but my friend jamie bought it for me in Manila, it's strange but cute :)

I did a little tour of the V&A Museum before making a bee line for Harrods, which i know it's London and Harrods, but was stupidly busy for a sunday, and it was a dissappointment as the MAC counter didnt have my blusher and a quick phone call to Harvey Nichols ( i'm sad i have their number on my blackberry) and they didn't have it either!!

I come back into work this morning to find a huge pile of work needs doing to this afternoon!

see you soon, and thank you to those who left lovely messages!


  1. this parfume smells incredible good !kisses!/pages/Manuela-from-Lets-talk-about-fashion/176263925732718

  2. you're welcome haha..thank you:)

  3. Looovely blog dear :D
    and LOOOVE your shopping :D

  4. love that perfume. thanks for the comment. you have a lovely blog, I'm now following!! I would love if you followed me too :)

    xxo Tess S.

  5. Thank you for your nice words! Lovely blog you have, I hope you don't mind if I follow you. ~

  6. I like your Topshop socks :)


  7. how cute! How are you liking the perfume? I bought it a while ago and i think I've only used it a few times. Your blog is lovely, by the way

    xx elle

    maybe we can follow each other?

  8. thanks so much!!
    tomorrow I'll try to knit!

    really kind from you.


  9. no problem
    you have a great blog
    the pictures are so inspiring

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. lovley blog!
    Thank you for stopping by and kind cooment!
    You have a new follower!:)

  12. I like all Marc Jacobs's perfumes already because of their bottle, I mean how cute is Daisy's bottle :D


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